Review: Attack on Titan, Vol. 21

Series: Attack on Titan: #21

So close and yet so far. So many are dead, trying to (did they succeed after all) to take down the Beast Titan. And now they have a choice. Theoretically, they can steal one of the Titan’s abilities and save one of their own…

But who?

Man, it’s getting intense ramping up to the last run of the story.



I guess it’s true enough, but it’s still a hard choice.


Man. That’s kind of terrifying. I mean, they have Eren still, but even that shouldn’t possibly be enough.


Whoa. So… there’s so much more to the world than we’d heard about. I mean, we figured this. But getting it spelled out like this is crazy. How’s it all work?


Oooh backstory. True? Myth? Interesting!