Review: Taskmaster: Series 4

Series: Taskmaster: #4

Oh Noel Fielding. You’re … a class all your own. I don’t think I’ve seen many other people that had so very many 1 and 5 point tasks with little in between. Having Mel Giedroyc there as well (also from the Great British Bake Off) was extra amusing. Another favorite of mine though was Hugh Dennis. So very British sense of humor.

Favorite tasks:

  • Episode 1, Task 1: Most unusual autograph on the most unusual vegetable. Any time they try to get Greg Davies to participate in tasks is the best.
  • Episode 1, Task 2: Beautifully destory a cake. I’m surprised at how few fireworks there were.
  • Episode 1, Task 3: Draw a caricature of a person you can’t see. Medusa eat your heart out.
  • Episode 1, Task 4: Knock all the rubber ducks down. Planning!
  • Episode 3, Task 2: Camouflage and hide yourself. Some silly, some impressive. And then Noel just … being Noel.
  • Episode 3, Task 5: Transfer water using only supplied items. Hidden bonus points! Moving water!

Oh Noel. Kind of warps the show around himself. He’s hilarious though, so it works!