Review: Taskmaster: Series 3

Series: Taskmaster: #3

Further back! Season 3!

I don’t have as much to say about the contestants this time around, except for Paul Chowdhry. Such a resting emotionless face… unless he’s full of a deep rage. It makes it hilarious. And he got robbed… It’s starting to seem kinda racist. Perhaps it’s just my own viewing order?

A few favorite moments:

  • Episode 1, Task 3: Propel a pea the furthest distance and land on a red carpet. I love tasks where the
  • Episode 1, Task 4: Make the best snowman. In the summer. It’s hilarious and surprisingly existential at times.
  • Episode 2, Task 2: Surprise Alex. FIREWORKS are surprising!
  • Episode 3, Task 2: Fill an egg cup with sweat. Well, that’s gross.
  • Episode 4, Task 2: Spread your clothes as far and wide as possible. It’s fun to bend the rules (and spend money).
  • Episode 5, Task 2: Transfer water between buckets without moving either. Cheating!

Pity it’s only 5 episodes, but they’re still good ones.