Review: Taskmaster: Series 5

Series: Taskmaster: #5

More out of order! This time back to Series 5!


  • Aisling Bea: Irish names are kind of crazy looking sometimes. And so is Aisling Bea. She has a wonderful sort of manic energy throughout the show.
  • Bob Mortimer: He has some of the most bananas ways of solving tasks. Great fun.
  • Mark Watson: A wonderfully dry sense of humor. You can never quite be sure if he’s serious or messing with you.
  • Nish Kumar: Poor Nish. He totally got robbed. I’m noticing a theme here…
  • Sally Phillips: You never expect half the things she does. There’s a reason she did as well as she did.

A few favorite moments:

  • Episode 1, Task 2: Give Alex a special cuddle. So awkward.
  • Episode 1, Task 3: Get Alex onto dry land as elegantly as possible. One contestant drifts off into the weeds, another strips down. ‘Elegantly’.
  • Episode 3, Task 3: Make a coconut look like a businessman. It’s wonderful.
  • Episode 3, Task 3: Make Marmite. Or alternatively, just use booze. It’s amusing how well that works.
  • Episode 3, Task 4 (part 2): Play a game of spot the difference. I’m amazed at how well the Alex swap went. Best part… they did the same thing in the studio at one point!
  • Episode 3, Task 2: Balance Alex on a see-saw. A brilliant or terrible idea… well. You’ll have to watch and find out.