Review: The Borrowers Afield

Series: The Borrowers: #2

“It’s so awful and sad,” she once admitted to Tom Goodenough, “to belong to a race that no sane person believes in.”

The Borrowers was delightful, introducing us to a family of tiny ‘Borrowers’ who live in the floor, ‘borrow’ all manner of tiny things, and try their best to keep their existence a secret. Unfortunately, that all comes to an end at the end of book 1, sending them off into the great outdoors.

Hence: The Borrowers Afield. The story of Pod, Homily, and Arriety as they have to learn how to live outside and deal with all sorts of new natural predators and problems. But it’s not all bad, there’s also the joys of freedom and drama of finding that they might not just be alone after all.

It’s a delightful addition to the program and well worth the time to read. Onward!