Review: Stargate: Continuum

Series: Stargate: #16

Series: Stargate SG-1: #10.2

That was a far better movie (in my opinion) than Stargate: The Ark of Truth. It basically felt like a slightly higher budget two part episode (although those already tended to be good) of the series and actually gave a chance to say goodbye to a few more people: In particularly Ba’al (RIP) and O’Neill, who really needed it. Not to mention a callback to the real villains of the show: The Goa’uld.

In a nutshell, Ba’al is caught about about to be extracted. He sets up some time travel shenanigans and people start to vanish and everything changes. It’s a story we’ve seen before (both time travel and parallel worlds which this feels more like), but it’s generally an enjoyable one.

It’s good, but not great. What would have been a solid double episode throughout the run of the series, but doesn’t really make a stand alone movie. So it goes.