Review: Stargate SG-1: Season 10

Series: Stargate: #14

Series: Stargate SG-1: #10

Whoo boy. And so it ends. It’s a different sort of excellent from the peak of early SG-1, but the new team is really gelling, the Ori are a decent new threat, and it’s quite a ride to go out on. Not all shows end so well. I’m happy with this.

Excellent episodes: The Pegasus Project, crossover with Atlantis! 200, the best parody episode ever. The Quest: Part 1/2, a big team up with SG-1, Ba’al, and even eventually Adria, off to find a magic doodad–plus, a dragon! The Road Not Taken, more parallel world shenanigans! The Shroud, Daniel as a prior!

Weaker episodes: Against the grain, but I didn’t care for Counterstrike. It’s a neat episode but a bit much Jaffa politics. Family Ties, Vala’s father is overdone. But really, if those are the weakest, it’s still a great final season.

And of course, there is Unending. Just the core team, decades long montages, time dilation/time travel, and techno babble. It’s a wonderful episode, easily among my top ten favorite episodes in the series and truly a worthy end* to the series.

*Okay, so it’s not the end. There are two direct-to-video movies yet before I go on to Atlantis and then Universe. Onward!