Review: Attack on Titan, Vol. 11

Series: Attack on Titan: #11

Onward to battle! More than ever before, we get some really big Titan versus Titan battles (crazy) and the barest of hints at just who and what the other side of the battle might be.

Spoilers and pretty pretty pictures (for some definitions of pretty):


Man that’s a crazy fight. I love it.


And how to talk to girls

Not the time. Still hilarious. Any time something like this comes up, I wonder how much is the author, how much is the cultural differences, and how much is translation. On the other hand, they are all really young, which makes it all the more terrifying.


Tactics! I wonder why they don’t use armor any more? I guess it doesn’t do much against a Titan.

And then there’s…


Weird and creepy. As I was saying about translations. So it goes.