Review: Attack on Titan, Vol. 10

Series: Attack on Titan: #10

Wooo boy. The wall is breached and the 104th is still doing their absolute best to save the day. One thing leads to another and they get trapped by Titans in a castle in the wall–only for everything to go absolutely sideways once again!

Man this story is nuts.

Favorite scenes (definite spoilers this time, reader be warned):

Cannons! (No powder? Drop it on them!)


A new ally? Maybe. Maybe not!


You know, they have a good point:


Five years and it’s all falling apart now. What changed?

And then there’s this:


… I totally thought they were making a really dumb joke at first. And then it sort of all fell together. And all fell apart:


That is such an awesome terrifying scene. Of all the scenes so far, that’s among the top of the ones I want to see in anime form. Oy vey.