The Avengers (Marvel Cinematic Universe #6) (MCU Phase 1 #6)

Hooo boy. When I first saw this movie (in theaters, in the before times), I was pretty much blown away. It was a big budget, box office smasher of a movie, bringing together an entire series of super hero movies in one giant box office smash. It was something that had never really been done before… and they managed to actually pull it off. And not only that (knowing what I do now), it was the start of something even bigger. Absolutely bonkers to believe.

That being said, with the benefit of hindsight, it does have a few issues for it’s size: you don’t get as much time with all the characters as you need. The jokes are very Whedon-esqe and over the top–it’s one thing to have Tony Stark quip, but things like Thor’s immediate “he’s adopted” quip just don’t feel right now.

But for what it is–a giant summer blockbuster and a fantastic action movie–it’s pretty much top of the line.

It actually topped my list back in during my 2012 Movie Revies, but this time around… I just really like the other individual films more. So it goes.

(Still well well worth the watch).