2021 Book Bingo

I’ve seen the /r/Fantasy Book Bingo cards before a number of times, but this is the first year that I think I’m actually going to try it. I’ve gotten away from my previous reading lists, but this sounds like a great way to find new things / read a few that are out of my comfort zone. I do read a crazy amount, so I should be able to find time for 25 specific books–but then again, there are a few rules that might make this more interesting:


  • Must be speculative fiction (SF, fantasy, horror with speculative elements)
  • Limit the number of novellas (fewer than 40k words or defined by the author as such) or combine them
  • A book of short stories counts
  • Graphic novels/manga should be treated as novellas
  • Web novels count (if they’re long enough)
  • Audiobooks count

Luckily, there’s a rather active recommendations thread. Compare that against my to reads (still 600+ strong) or just whatever jumps out and I should be good to go!

This post will automatically update as I add more books. My current plan is to put each book in each category that it would work for, but when a book only fits in one category, I’ll remove the other books from that category or otherwise mark it. Click any cover to read my review! Onward!

Note: While I’m reading them, I’m mostly going to assign books to multiple squares. As I fill in more of the sheet, I’ll clean that up.

2021 Book Bingo Hard Mode

SFF anthology or collection

Set in Asia by an Asian author

r/Fantasy A to Z Genre Guide by a BIPOC author

Found Family featuring an LGBTQ+ character

Multiple first person POVs

r/Fantasy Book Club with participation

New to you author that you haven’t heard much about

Gothic Fantasy not in the Book Riot article

Backlist book published before 2000

Revenge-seeking character with revenge as the major book plot

Mystery plot that isn’t primary world urban fantasy

Comfort read that isn’t a reread

Debut novel published in 2021

Lion squasher (800+ pages)

SFF-related nonfiction published in the last 5 years

Latinx or Latin American author with fewer than 1000 Goodreads ratings

Self published with fewer than 50 Goodreads ratings

Forest setting for the entire book

Genre mashup of three or more genres

Has chapter titles of more than one word (for every chapter)

___ of ___ and ___

First contact that doesn’t lead to war

Trans or Nonbinary protagonist

Debut author with an AMA

Witches as the main protagonist

Alternatively, the ‘easier’ suggestions.

2021 Book Bingo

Five SFF short stories

Set in Asia

r/Fantasy A to Z Genre Guide

Found family

First person POV

r/Fantasy Book Club

New to you author

Gothic Fantasy

Backlist book

Revenge-seeking character

Mystery plot

Comfort read

Published in 2021

Cat squasher (500+ pages)

SFF-related nonfiction

Latinx or Latin American author

Self published

Forest setting

Genre mashup

Has chapter titles

___ of ___

First contact

Trans or Nonbinary character

Debut author