Review: Attack on Titan, Vol. 6

Series: Attack on Titan: #6

Whoo boy onward we go. People (at least the Survey folks) are really beginning to more or less accept Eren and that he might actually not be the only human that can Titan (or Titan that can human?). It’s a mission to discover the past and whatever other secrets that might be happening and all sorts of crazy things happen:


Along with just how smart some of the (potential) human/Titans are and how terrifying that is:


Speaking of terrifying:


Yes. That is a person on the end of that rope. The downsiders of their vertical equipment? (as cool as that tech is)

Man the deaths in this series…


It is really quite interesting to see Eren fitting in (eventually) with the Survey team and what they all mean to each other.


One question I have though: what is with his eyes? Is that intentionally weird? A black and white manga thing? I don’t even know…

An excellent entry. Onward!