Review: Clockwork Prince

Series: The Infernal Devices: #2

We live and breathe words. …. It was books that made me feel that perhaps I was not completely alone. They could be honest with me, and I with them.

I’m not 100% sure why I finished this book. But I suppose that having finished it at all might just be a testament to … something?

It’s pretty much a YA paranormal romance / steampunk (vaguely) to a T. There’s a (ridiculous) love triangle, a bit of fighting and flirting (could do with more of the former), and now, this time only POLITICS!

I think the reason that it’s hard to describe this book is … nothing much happens. There’s a bit about the Shadowhunters trying to kick everyone out of their institute (why is someone so young in charge anyways?). There’s about one scene with the automatons (like I said, barely clockworks). And there’s the love triangle (a huge part of the story, that; blech). Especially when you have quotes like this:

You see it, don’t you, James? Without Tessa there is nothing for me–no joy, no light, no life. If you loved me, you would let me have her. You can’t love her as I do. No one could. If you are truly my brother, you would do this for me.

Sudden love interest to make the triangle is sudden.

I think the worst thing about these books (and perhaps why I’m not at all the target audience) is how teenager everyone is. There’s angst over an obviously fake curse , angst over the love triangle, a marriage proposal between teenagers . It’s just. Oy?

For some reason, I think I’m actually going to finish the series. Wish me luck?