Review: The Last Battle

Series: Chronicles of Narnia: #7

And so it ends.


I really wish there were better things to say about The Last Battle . After seeing the beginning of Narnia in The Magician's Nephew (what I can now safely say is my favorite of the series), I expected great things from the end of Narnia.

Thre’s a decent enough start, with an Aslan impersonator taking power and a Colormene takeover plot (Racist much? They’re literally called ‘darkies’ and are cartoonishly evil for the most part). That would be well enough. But then things start going terribly wrong and the good guys keep losing. That’s… I mean, it’s the last book of the series, but it’s completely different from any of the rest of the stories.

But what really bugs me about this book?

Everyone dies and goes to 'Heaven' .

Not even kidding. We get (almost) all the gang back together, despite the fact that we’re told they would never be able to return to Narnia–which I guess technically they didn’t do–all except for Susan, who apparently is too grown up and interested in nylons to come back. Sexist much? She was a queen. She saved the land, more than once. I guess there’s some vaguely silver lining in that apparently everyone else randomly died in a train wreck, but Susan gets to live? Without her family? Woo?

That really does bug me though. Couldn't they have all lived their normal lives and then timey wimeyed their way into Narnia at the 'same time'? We already know time is weird there. Nope. They just died. And what's worse, for some reason Aslan decides to just kill everyone in Nania. Sure. They go through the door to a 'better Narnia', but... no. They're dead. He killed the whole world.

I just… I don’t like it. I don’t get it. And I so enjoyed a number of the other books…

So it goes. Time for something else.