Review: Stargate SG-1: Season 7

Series: Stargate: #8

Series: Stargate SG-1: #7

Daniel Jackson is back! (they could have done rather a bit more with re-integrating him I think)

The beginning of the search for Atlantis! (it’s amusing, if a bit annoying how long that takes)

Stronger episodes: Lifeboat (Michael Shanks can really act; the plot is weird and weak but the acting is pretty dang impressive), Heroes (Oy. Just Oy. It’s a slow burn, but very very good), *Lost City( (woo the beginning of Atlantis! on man that battle scene!)

Weaker episodes: Fragile Balance (it’s a fun idea, but mostly just awkward), Orpheus (Teal’c has to deal injury and Tritonin; I see why they did it, but it’s mostly annoying), Avenger 2.0 (Felger is annoying and it weakens the world building to believe something like this isn’t used all the time), Resurrection (one of the ‘on Earth’ episodes and not a good one), Inauguration (likewise)

That is one heck of an ending, making up for a spate of seasons where it feels like things aren’t really going anywhere. And it gave us Atlantis! In previous viewings, I mixed SG-1 and Atlantis as they had aired, but I think I’ll finish SG-1 first this time. But man, that battle at the end, with SG-1 on a wild goose chase to save the day and Hammond himself in to save the in the Prometheus . Ooh, that’s good.