Review: The Wake

Series: The Sandman: #10

And so as all things must end, so too do the Endless.

After uncountable years, Dream of the Endless has died. Another Dream has risen to take up the mantle (as must be), but before, it’s time to say goodbye to the Dream we’ve all come to know over the last 10 volumes.

The Wake–the first story of this collection–is solid. There’s a bit more worldbuilding, callbacks to all manner of previous characters as they give their eulogies, the Endless saying goodbye, and a few thoughts and points of view of the new Dream (they’re Endless after all).

It’s a fascinating, wonderful story that makes you really feel like a good friend is gone and gives you the time to process that. Well written and well deserved. Even when I could go on reading more, I always do appreciate a story with an ending.

The other stories in this volume… pale in comparison. A few loose ends, but after the Wake… So it goes.

Well worth the read. Onward.

Spoilers and screenshots:


Oh Derlium. :) It’s interesting seeing the Endless working together. They don’t much. Also, the art style changed again.


Ah dealing with the confusion of the Endless–they can die, but another will rise to take their place. Also surprisingly touching, watching just this once Cain not killing Abel.


The new Dream. Nice color scheme. Interesting to see what is the same Dream and what feels different. I’d actually like to see more of this, but at the same time, I feel like it’s okay not to.


Is that Superman and Batman? Because … that looks like Superman and Batman.


And then they woke. Oh Delerium.

Turquoises. They taste a bit like forever.