Review: Dream Country

Series: The Sandman: #3

A bit of an odd one. Despite the series being named for Dream, herein we have a handful of mostly disconnected stories with Dream as only a minor character. They’re still absolutely fascinating and do give us a much deeper look at the world (both the analogue to our own world and the Dream). The second is especially funny, Dream as a cat. Sure. :D

Well worth the read.

Spoilers and snaps:


A former lover, caught up in much the same situation as Dream was not that long ago. Man humanity can be terrible at times.


The world of cats. Because of course.


Dream as a cat. :D I love it.


And here we have Shakespeare and his company giving a play about the fae … to the fae. I always love reading stories about the fae and this is a fun take on the whole thing. Especially with some of the fae taking on their own roles.


And then finally, Death. I wonder if she has a series her own or is always a secondary character. Mixed in, we have a weird bit of Egyptian mythology surviving to the present day. A neat story.