Review: Stargate SG-1: Season 5

Series: Stargate: #6

Series: Stargate SG-1: #5

Great episodes: 2001 (echoes of 2010 from last season), Wormhole X-Treme! (the parody episode to end all parody episodes), Summit/Last Stand (Goa’uld politics! A new bigger bad?!)

Less great episodes: Threshold (Jaffa weirdness and Teal’c defection didn’t last nearly long enough), Beast of Burden (we did this already)

Towards the end, we do get one interesting bit of shake up with the death of Daniel Jackson. Of course it's not the first time , but I imagine that for anyone watching this in real time, that was quite the shake up.

In general, a stronger season than Season 4, but still not quite the hard hitting episodes from the beginning.