Review: The Boys, Volume 11: Over the Hills with the Swords of a Thousand Men

Series: The Boys: #11

Spoiler: NSFW

Well holy crap. That’s quite the penultimate story… we get a number of showdowns we’ve been looking for this entire time, between Butcher and Homelander and between the Boys and any number of supes. And we get one hell of a twist that I’ll admit I didn’t at all see coming. And like all the best of twists, it explains so much, while at the same time turning everything on it’s heads.

For a climax to this particular story, it’s quite a ride. Well done.

Random thoughts (spoilers):


Dang that’s a twist I didn’t see coming. I really want to know if they’ll go this same way in the series. I don’t think so, since Butcher's wife and son are alive and Homelander is directly involved with them . But it’s possible.


Vic the Veep is such a cartoon. I would never have believed such a cartoonish idiot could become president, but … well, you have the last four years. Yes. I went there. It’s really a toss up which would have been / was worse. (/politics)


Oh Queen Maeves minions. So mindwashed. So amusing.


Well. That’s quite the solution. Flying supes versus an army. It always seems to be the way–sheer numbers win the day.


Heh. That’s pretty much Butcher in a nutshell.