2020 Reading Retrospective

Well. That was a year. I went kind of nuts this year and read 239 books. Granted, that includes graphic novels (they’re shorter and read quickly, but they’re still definately books) and books I read with my children. But it’s still a total of 68k pages, averaging 285 pages per book. An average of 186 pages per day. Not bad at all. Some more statistics:

  • 239 books, 95 non-graphic novels/children’s books
  • 110 graphic novels, 120-371 pages, average was 174
  • 34 children’s books, 48-352 pages, average was 163
  • 26 audiobooks
  • 31 different series, 27 books were not in a series
  • 51 different authors, 24 had one book each, highest was 35 (Fables), average was 4.7 books / author

Not bad.

Overall, the series I read were:

  • Graphic Novels

    • The Boys (in progress)
    • Dresden Files Graphics Novels
    • Fables (+side series)
    • Fullmetal Alchemist
    • Hellboy
    • Saga
    • The Umbrella Academy
  • Kids’ Chapterbooks

    • The Boxcar Children (reread, the original 19)
    • The Chronicles of Narnia (reread, in progress)
  • Novels

    • The Broken Earth
    • The Cthulhu Casebooks
    • The Divine Cities
    • The Dresden Files (reread+new)
    • The Frontiers Saga
    • The Green Bone Saga
    • Gods of Blood and Powder (reread)
    • Kingsbridge (book club)
    • Lady Astronaut (book club)
    • Outlander (book club)
    • Redwall (reread)
    • The Stormlight Archive (reread+new; in progress)

That is a lot of good books.

As last year, I’m going to continue and not make another list for the entire year and instead just chooses what comes up. I’ll probably still aim for around 100 novels (just under!) and a mix of graphic novels and children’s books to be silly. Onward!