Review: The Boys, Volume 5: Herogasm

Series: The Boys: #5

Warning: NSFW

Once a year, the comics run a big teamup event where all the superheroes get together to save the world from a terrible threat. Except… of course they don’t. Instead, they go to an island resort and have a giant super-orgy.

As if we needed more reasons to distrust the supes. It’s interesting, they take the ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’ and amps it up. I think it would be more realistic if they were just people: some good, some bad, some great, and some terrible, but I suppose that wouldn’t be as good a story.

It’s quite the diversion and more than a little gratuitous (in both violence and especially nudity this time around), but that’s about what you’d expect from the Boys.

And hey, people are realizing that Homelander is terrible:


And Stormfront:


Who is comically terrible. This is one place where the series really shines over the comics: TV Stormfront being at first a relatively likeable anti-hero and only later you find out she's a literal Nazi ? Much preferable.