Review: Stargate SG-1: Season 2

Series: Stargate: #3

Series: Stargate SG-1: #2


SG-1 has saved the world and now they’re back to do it again!

We get the introduction of the Tok’ra (In the Line of Duty, etc; Selmac is one of my favorite minor characters of the show), moral questionable decisions (Prisoners), more Asguard (Thor’s Chariot/The Fifth Race), and the NID (Touchstone), and 1969 (time travel!). So many things keep happening and such great episodes.

I think one of my favorite episodes of the season is Message in a Bottle. It’s amazing what Anderson can act despite being stuck to a wall. The Fifth Race I love for similar reasons. We get the real acting range of Anderson as he starts to lose himself to an alien device overwriting his brain. Not to mention the implications to the greater Stargate universe that we’ll be feeling for seasons to come.

Man. Again, I’m amazed at how many of my favorite episodes are so early in the show. Perhaps it’s more a matter of having so many favorite episodes?

On the weaker end, there’s Family (I love Teal’c and I get why he has a family, it just never quite works with how little he’s home), Secrets (more clip shows), and One False Step (it’s mostly just weird). They’re still fine, just not quite as solid as the rest.

Overall, a great season of a great show. SG-1 has really hit it’s stride now. Onward!