Review: The Boys, Volume 2: Get Some

Series: The Boys: #2

Warning: NSFW


Well that’s a start.

The second volume of Garth Ennis and Darick Roberston’s acclaimed series The Boys is here! BIGGER! THICKER! UNCUT!


That’s pretty much the Boys in a nutshell. It’s super heroes gone twisted. On one hand, I actually enjoyed this one more than Volume 1 since it was further from the TV series–I supposed they haven’t gotten to it yet?

On the other hand, wow is it tough to read at times. Pretty much the core of the book is dealing with gay superheroes and comletely bashing the idea of homosexuality:


It’s… not great. I get that people are terrible and the supes are the worst of the lot. But oy it’s hard to read.

The next plotline is Russia. There’s a Russian supe named Love Sausage that ends up on the Boy’s side. He’s very Russian:


And very Love Sausage:


It’s a very russian and pretty cool plotline. I enjoyed it at least.

Overall, it’s enjoyable and hard to read. But that works. Onwards and Boysward!

More images I thought were particularly interesting (warning, spoilers and language):


Frenchie and the Female are… nuts.


It’s funny because it’s a comic book.



More gay bashing. In the most British way possible.


More Frenchie and the Female. Reverse Strip Poker. That actually sounds hilarious.


I guess that’s … progressive? It’s pretty Butcher.