Review: The Boys, Volume 1: The Name of the Game

Series: The Boys: #1

I recently watched [The Boys]( Season-1/dp/B07QNJCXZK) on Amazon. It takes the basic idea that if you give a number of average people supernatural powers, a good number of them are going to call all sorts of wrong–even the good guys. So if the good guys are bad, who watches them?

And–before it was a TV show, it was a graphical novel! One absolutely chock full of the same schocking language ( Butcher to his dog: fuck 'em ), violence (slightly less), and sexual content (much earlier) as the show.

For the most part, they’re both good–in the actually terrible sense of the word–but for now I prefer the show. The book feels like it tries to cram in too much too quickly. Almost two full seasons in a single volume. Curious to see what happens though.

How otherwise does it compare? (Potential spoilers, but I tried to avoid them).


I miss the show Huey. He felt more like an everyman in over his head. This one is more of a conspiracy nut.

A point on super powered individuals.

Homelander works, but Annie, I liked a lot better from the show. I think I missed that her name was Annie January. Weird surname.

That’s a neat bit of worldbuilding. They don’t really explain what happened, but it shows just how screwed up the world has gotten–and people just have to go on living with it.


Oh Annie. So innocent and in for such a rough time. In the show it's only the Deep who forces himself on Annie; in the graphic novel, it's several of them, including Homelander. Again, I think I like the show better here. It’s more a slow burn, making each of the characters broken and terrible in their own right.

One of the things that was pushed back and changed in the show. Compound V is still there and similar, but I’m not sure I like how they’ve done it in the book. Giving the Boys the ability to go hand to hand with supes ... kind of defeats the point.


Oh Butcher. To some extent, he’s not that wrong about Americans in general. But it’s quite a way to say it. And people are people no matter where you are.


Oy. And people close their eyes to it I bet.

I am still curious where it goes from here though!