Review: The Umbrella Academy, Vol. 3: Hotel Oblivion

And so it ends… (for now?)

A crazy series and another crazy story. Or I guess multiple stories all tied together. It’s got a neat enough premise:

  • Super-powered individuals exist, both heroes and villians (and a whole pile in between) * Super-villians cannot be easily contained in normal prisons, so a new prison must be made for them (the titural Hotel Oblivion) * They escape (because of course they do)

Chaos ensuses.

It doesn’t quite hold together as well as the first two stories, but the sheer graphical inanity is worth reading. I should really watch the show at some point soon.


Off to Afterspace! (Who knows?!)


Riding a giant rooster! With quite the language too.


Heh. It’s funny because umbrella (and even funnier when you explain the joke).

And that’s all for now, although volume 4 is planned for this year apparently. With COVID-19… who knows. But sometime!