Review: The Umbrella Academy, Vol. 2: Dallas

Series: The Umbrella Academy: #2

Onwards and weirdwards!

When we last saw the Umbrella Academy, we were just getting to know all of the siblings for better or for worse and following them through saving the word one time.

This time around? We really get into time travel. If you’re going to go all in on the craziness… well then let’s go a few levels even more complicated!

Through that lens, we get even more about how disfunctional all of these people are.

There is the one who is an old man stuck in the body of a child:


The one who’s weird and paranoid:


The one who dies… and gets over it:


And the one that can’t talk:


(I hadn’t caught that’s why she was called Rumor before…)

And that doesn’t even mention the violin one (she’s paralyzed back in the first issues) or the giant space ape. Man these stories are weird and wonderful.

Speaking of, I think the thing I love the most are the crazy overblow ‘comic booky’ scenes:


And backstory:


In the end, it’s wonderfully mad. And they realize that.


If you can’t tell, I enjoyed this story. :D