Review: Edgedancer

Series: Arcanum Unbounded: #9

Series: The Cosmere

Series: The Stormlight Archive: #2.5

Edgedancer is a short story set in Sanderson’s Cosmere, specifically on Roshar of the Stormlight Archive. It features Lift, a young girl who was first featured in one of the interludes of Words of Radiance interludes and now has a story all to her own.

In short, Lift is a lot of fun. She’s a surgebinder who can make herself ‘awesome’–her term for it–and basically ignore friction. She seems an overall good person with a somewhat odd sense of morals and has a way of talking and acting that will just leave you smiling.

Storywise, we learn a bit more about the world of the Stormlight Archive and actually get some backstory on Darkness–who we saw in Words of Radiance changing character fairly dramatically. And now we know why.

Overall, well worth the read. Especially if you’ve already read the Stormlight Archives.