Review: Fables, Vol. 20: Camelot

Series: Fables: #20

Series: Fables Universe: #37

Onward and Fableward, we’re almost to the end!

In this volume, we have the story of a little girl wondering about Castle Dark / the new Fabletown (cute), Rose Red growing in her position as a Paladin of Hope and refounding the Round Table (it’s weird and I’m not sure what the point is), and Snow White growing darker as she loses her children/at least their childhoods and husband.

It’s a dark story as we oftentimes see with this series while at the same time feels like it’s spinning it’s wheels, much like Fables, Vol. 19: Snow White. I guess there are only two left in the main series?



This was a cute story. It’s fun to see the perspective of a Fable kid, we don’t get much of that, other than the Wolf Children, who don’t really feel ‘real’ a lot of the time.


Like I said, cute.


Rose Red seems to have gone slightly mad with this. She has a way of just jumping in without planning things, but it more or less turns out okay.


Yeah, that’s dark. It’s not the first time to see that way of dealing with an immortal and they don’t have the Witching Well anymore, but still. Oy.


I’m Snow Goddam White.

That’s a wonderful line. Even if the story is really her descent into madness.


Fables is all about archetypes and this is no exception. But this is absolutely one of my favorite scenes in the series. Lancelot realizing that this time around… he’s the love interest. :D