Review: Fairest: In All the Land

Series: Fairest: #6

Series: Fables Universe: #41

Fairest. The story of Cinderella, this time trying to solve a murder mystery as all the ‘fairest in the land’ (there are amusingly many of them) are dropping like flies. It’s actually a fairly decent murder mystery and while you completely expect that there will be some way (MAGIC!) to bring them back in the end, there’s still a chance that they might not.

It’s decent, although there are better Fables stories. Better Fairest stories even.



True enough. Cinderella is a fun character.


That’s actually a pretty good point. Especially given at this point, she’s had to choose who lives and who dies in a handful of situations…


That’s such a crazy scene. And a crazy car. I wonder if/when that will go wrong (as with so many things in this series).