Review: Fables, Vol. 17: Inherit the Wind

Series: Fables: #17

Series: Fables Universe: #34

And now we have the fallout from Fables, Vol. 16: Super Team. North Wind sacrificed himself to defeat Mr. Dark, but in the way of these stories, there must always be a North Wind. And since there are a whole pile of direct descendents (in Bigby and Snow’s children), well, perhaps one of them will become king.


If only anyone had the slightest idea how to choose which one or proove that they’re actually worthwhile.

Along that line, there’s a side plot about Rose Red becoming a Hope of … something? I’m not sure what’s going on here. But hey, Santa Claus.


It kind of works. But really the main plotline with the Wolfkids is better. Even if the idea of a kid becoming the North Wind is mildly bizarre. Stranger things have happened though.