Review: Fables: Werewolves of the Heartland

Series: Fables Universe: #28

Another side story (there are only a few of these), digging a bit deeper into Bigby’s past, specifically during World War II (which we’d already seen) and some of the unforseen fallout from that.


Because of course there’s a town full of secret Naziish Werewolves in the middle of America. Of course.

And of course they worship Bigby ( THE Big Bad Wolf himself) as a god.


It’s a solid story and a nice interlude, although the timing of the story (while the Mr. Dark plotline is still going on) is a bit strange.

Also, so very much nudity. Naked werewolves are quite a bit more … naked when they’re in a visual medium such as a graphic novel. Sometimes furry, sometimes not. You have been warned.

One random fun comment, I really did love the the ‘how the story came to be’ quote at the end:

I stopped in at the Happy Chef Restaurent, on Board Street, found a nice table, and ordered an open-faced turkey sandwich, a Coke and a sotry.

“Excuse me?” the waitress said.

I repeated my order.

“A story?” she said. “I don’t understand.”

“Isn’t this Story City?” I said. “So, along with lunch, I’ll be wanting my story.”

“Oh,” she said. Then, after an extended pause, “No one’s ever asked that before.”

Our enjoyable back and forth banter went on for a spell, until the Happy Chef’s manager explain that Story City was so named not because was a near magical place of wonderful stories for the asking, but after the famous Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story, 1779-1845. Of course, I should’ve thought of that.

I love it. And you know what, there’s a whole mine of story seeds right there. Perhaps it isn’t a town full of werewolves, but somehow otherly magical all on it’s own!