Review: Mossflower

Series: Redwall: #2

Huh. That was actually really good.

Pick-a-lock, Pick-a-lock, you’ll regret the day,
When you took a mouse thief and locked him away,
Silly cat, look at that, it’s two for one,
A thief and a warrior, by dawn will be gone.

It’s a bit weird to start with Redwall and then immediately go back in time to the time just before Redwall existed, the time of Martin the Warrior and see how it all came to be… but you know? It works.

It’s a cute story of a warrior mouse and his journey of self discovery along with the local band of woodlanders coming together to defeat a tyrant (wildcat).

It’s a beautifully written book, although quite definitely aimed at a younger audience. But there’s most assuredly a sense of nostalgia that makes this just right. I can’t wait until my children are old enough to read these too/with.

I need to find one of the books more directly focused on the Hares. They really are my favorites.