Review: Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 25

Series: Fullmetal Alchemist: #25

I find Greed’s storyline absolutely fascinating. Of all the Homunculi, who would have expected that one to be the most likely to change. Perhaps it says something about humanity?

In any case, it’s a crazy story that just keeps getting bigger and crazier. GIANT BATTLES! SOUND EFFECTS! CRAZY THINGS HAPPENING!


Chapter 100: Holding the Gate FMA-25-100-1-Greed-growing-human

Like I said. Greed/Lin is becomming the most human. Of all the possible redemption arcs…


A little bit higher than the peak of Mt. Briggs.

Of all the quotes in the series, that one really struck home.

Chapter 101: The Fifth Human Sacrifice

Ed, Al, Izumi, one they need to add and… who? I’m missing one. Von Hohenheim?


Oh Wrath. You just refuse to die.

Chapter 102: Before the Portal

Transmuting on his behalf seems like cheating. If they could do that, why didn’t they do it long ago?

Also Al turned his body down!! MADNESS!

Chapter 103: For Whom?


You know, I sort of expected the different sort of alchemy would work. And then VWOOP. Oh no!