Review: Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 21

Series: Fullmetal Alchemist: #21

I’m going first

Right in the feels. :(

Man these stories get crazy at times. Winy and Ed are reunited in a wonderfully violent way, Van Hohenheim realizes he was a terrible father, Gluttony is wonderfully creepy (all the Homunculi are), more and more people are learning the truth and picking sides. It just keeps building and building. Only a few more volumes left!


Spoilers etc:

Chapter 84: Shadow of the Pursuer


Well… that’s a thing. Aren’t they teenagers?


Heh. I love her reaction though!

Chapter 85: The Empty Box

I’m going first

Right in the feels. :(


Major General Armstrong is an odd one…


Oh Van Hohenheim.

Also as a random note, Ed makes clothes seemingly without effort. How do any industries survive with alchemists around? I guess there aren’t that many of them? I guess you’d need skilled alchemists willing to make clothes for a living?

Chapter 86: Servant of Darkness


Gluttony is my favorite. Not as a good person (heh), but just as a fascinating character. He’s not deep, but he’s so wonderfully creepy.

Chapter 87: An Oath Made in the Underground


Speaking of creepy… how did Selim remain hidden so long? I guess people just don’t look for things that they don’t expect to see?


That was a fun twist.

Also: Flash bangs against Pride’s shadow arms is BRILLIANT! And PRIDE ATE GLUTTONY. Oh my. Each time I think I know the worst that could happen…