Review: Fables, Vol. 8: Wolves

Series: Fables: #8

Series: Fables Universe: #10

On we go! Continuing on with the main story of Fables, we have Mowgli trying to find Bigby, Cinderella negotiating with the giants that live in the skies (all of them), and finally a happy reunion.

Really, it makes sense in context.

It’s a crazy story, a quick read, and a lot of fun. I really like seeing how the characters grow and change and the underdog story of a whole pile of powerful immortal supernatural beings… (It’s crazy when you say it that way).

Plus, you get the awesome(ly silly) way they stylize Russian:


They did the same with Arabic back in Fables, Vol. 7: Arabian Nights (and Days), but it was a bit less obvious. A fun way to do it.



Mowgli is kind of an awesome badass, even if he doesn’t have much in the way of character beyond… badassness.


Up in the clouds, it turns out Bigby’s afraid of heights, so of couse SECRET AGENT CINDERELLA has to mess with him.


I do enjoy that relationship. And hey, little Ghosty seventh child reveals secrets. :)