Review: Fables, Vol. 6: Homelands

Series: Fables: #6

Series: Fables Universe: #6

Once upon a time… we got the story of Jack of the Fables and his meteoric rise (and eventually fall) as a reclusive Hollywood billionaire. And that’s just the first story. On top of that, we get another section in the lands of the Fables, with Boy Blue, Action Hero, keen on saving his lady love, willing to Vorpal Sword his way through anyone to get what he wants. And confirmation that the adversary is who we thought he was, plus the big How He Did It all along. Quite the crazy story.

I’m honestly quite impressed with how awesome Boy Blue has turned out to be in this story.

I really do like these bigger worldbuilding stories. Well worth the read.

Spoilery favorite images:


It’s funny because they’re all centuries old. We don’t always get that, but from time to time.


So he’s Jack the Horny. Why are so many Fables seemingly obsessed with sex? And is there anything preventing half Fables running around? I don’t think I’ve seen such a thing.


SNICKER-SNACK! I love the Vorpal Sword. And the Witching Cloak. And really just Boy Blue in general in this section.


Oh Geppetto. I would never have pegged you as the Adversary, but the more we see, the more it makes perfect sense. And the more we see how it all came to be…


That Winter chick is going to be interesting, calling it now.


The Witching cloak is pretty cool! And Boy Blue is intense.


Important men only lie about important things.

That, is quite an interesting point.


It just keeps getting bigger! Especially looking forward to the next Fables tale: Fables, Vol. 7: Arabian Nights (and Days).


Once again, Boy Blue is awesome. That is all.