Review: Fables, Vol. 1: Legends in Exile

Series: Fables: #1

Series: Fables Universe: #1

Much like Saga, Vol. 1, Fables has been on my list to read for the longest time. I have a soft spot for genre mashups, so the idea of taking Fairy Tales and having them alive and well in a hidden corner of our real world? Wonderful!

Fables, Vol. 1: Legends in Exile introduces us to the setting and the characters, taking the guise of a classic murder mystery and throwing a few Fairy Tale specific wrenches in along the way.

I love the art style–more traditional comic book style than Saga was, the characters–they’re all the names you’d know and love, but often done in a much more gritty ‘real’ style, and I lvoe the story. The Fables have their own problems to deal with along with those in the real world.

That being said, it is not a particularly child friendly story. Right from the beginning, it’s chock full of adult language, nudity, and violence. It’s a very adult take on what were once children’s cautionary tales. You have been warned.

Overall, it’s a great introduction to a fascinating world. It looks like each volume has it’s own internal story with an overarching plot across the entire series. I look forward to it!

A few individual parts I loved for various reasons (here be minor spoilers!):


Once upon a time… Fables in New York. I think I fell in love with the idea in this very first frame.


Pinocchio problems… but more seriously, now we know that the Fables are more or less immortal and somewhat unchanging. And in some cases, that kind of sucks.


Snow White, Director of Operations. I love it.


Ah, yup. Prince Charming is having sex with Mundys (this world’s word for non- Fables).


So… basically the Tardis? I wonder if stories like that are in this world?


The Big Bad Wolf going by Bigby, being the town Sheriff, and Snow White basically learning how to be a murderer? A wonderful scene.




What I was saying about the backstory. There’s a lot of depth here, but nothing that we have to know about just yet. Just a reason the Fables are here and a plot to stretch across 20+ stories.


Oh man. Don’t date your boss.


I do love the title cards for the chapters. A wonderfully dry sense of humor. Bluebeard (in the back) is one of my favorite characters, although I’m not yet sure if he’s going to be a/the villain or get a redemption arc… Why not both!


Yup. It’s a whodunit!


le twist

I mean, once you saw what sort of tale this was, it was one of the obvious answers. But it’s still pretty exciting.