Review: Celtic Empire

Series: Dirk Pitt: #25

And so it ends. I think I enjoyed the book more and rated it more highly knowing it was the last of the series, although I guess Dirk Cussler could easily continue it, given that he’s been the co-author on these books for years now. But for now, it’s over and it’s time for me to move on to other books.

Plotwise, there are a lot of threads that feel familiar, but there are only so many different ancient civilizations you can dig up treasures for–and I’m pretty sure Cussler hit them all. This time around, an ancient Egyptian princess apparently made it to Celtic Ireland somehow. A mummy is stolen, bioengineered bacteria try to take over the world, someone is taking militant feminism to an extreme, and wacky (destructive) highjinks ensue.

It’s Dirk Pitt in a nutshell and it’s not a bad book at all for what it is. A good end.