Review: Bicycle Mystery

Series: The Boxcar Children: #15

Only a few weeks left in the summer, so the Boxcar Children are going on (another) adventure closer to home! This time, they’re going to ride their bikes to Aunt Jane’s and of course find a several mysteries (and a dog!) along the way. It’s really quite strange how close together everything is. They keep going by previous locations, such as Second Landing and Aunt Jane’s. New England I guess?

It’s a cute story and, given their current ages, seems entirely appropriate. Although just how old is Benny supposed to be to plan to ride up to 50 miles a day several days in a row? I don’t know if it’s something that would really make sense where we live in the midwest, but everything in New England is a bit more compact.

Random weird thoughts:

“No, just for today I serve lunch for you. Look in there.”

The foreign man who takes a liking to the Aldens and won’t take food from them. And this isn’t the only time. There are entirely too many points making a big deal about ‘your money is no good here’ / who’s going to pay / how much for variou things.

Also, this amused me greatly: “Good,” the policeman said. “We found them with two stolen poodles and a Scottie that didn’t belong to them. That man and woman will go back where they came from, but they will pay a great big fine!”

“They deserve it!” Benny said. “I hope they won’t do it again.”

“They won’t,” promised the man. He laughed. “They have policemen on the West Coast, too, you know.”

Perhaps I’m projecting, but man that makes them all sound snooty about the West Coasters. Old Money New Englanders looking down on New Money Californians?

Probably just me. :)

And this:

“I’m sorry myself,” said Grandfather. “But there was a reason. And don’t forget, Ben, somebody always has to come in second.”

And this was something Benny Alden never forgot.

So long as they have money or you can buy them, right? I’m not really being fair, Grandfather does seem to generally be a good person. He just also tends to solve all of his problems with money.

I’m curious if that sticks for Benny though.