Review: Saga, Vol. 5

Series: Saga: #5

This is a pretty great addition to the Saga tale. We start out with everyone seperated and see all the tirls and tribulations they have to go through to get back together. It’s still the perfect blend of entirely-too-real, absolutely mad and surreal worldbuilding, and underlying themes that really make you think.

For example, the Wisdom of Ghüs:


It’s worth considering. Even when you feel your worst or you’ve screwed up bad, you’re still more than your worst. Also, Ghüs:


And then there’s Granny “I’m too busy bleeding”. She’s a badass. I do wish we’d gotten a little more time to see the interactions between her and her husband, but he had a good, if short story line.


Speaking of which:


Oh children can be so brutally honest.

But really, when it all comes down to it…


Family–no matter how complicated, and no matter if you’re actually related by blood or not–is what matters in the end.