Review: Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 13

Series: Fullmetal Alchemist: #13

Portals! Father! What is even going ON?!

Man this story is taking a real turn of the very very weird. But in a good way?

Chapter 50: In the Belly of the Beast


Gluttony has an eye in his belly and a super stretch creep rib cage. Because eating everything (and wanting to eat everything) wasn’t bad enough.

Chapter 51: A Portal in the Darkness


Well. That’s the inside of Gluttony then. But hey! It could work! He made (or at least fixed) a radio way back, didn’t he? Isn’t there enough material eaten for that to work?

Chapter 52: Lord of the Demon’s Lair

Roy knows and FPKBradley knows he knows and it’s all so weird and confusing.

Chapter 53: Signpost of the Soul


… that’s Father? He looks really familiar. Altar egos or something?


Hearing this talk about the workings of alchemy makes me want to know more. I guess it may be better in theory than practice, but I hope we get a deeper look before this is all said and done.