Review: Dog Men (Graphic Novel)

Series: The Dresden Files Graphic Novels: #7

There are two wolves within every man… One represents our greatest capacities–compassion, courage, reason. The other embodies our base emotions –pride, anger, hatred. At every moment of every day, they battle for control of us. But it is we who determine which one win.


Just depends on which one you feed…

If that applies to anyone, it applies twice over to Dresden.

This is one of the better ones though. Interesting mythology. Yet more ghouls (what is it with all the ghouls) and more Listens-To-Wind!

That being said, I … think I accidentally skipped Wild Card (Graphic Novel). Otherwise, I totally missed something. Where’d Puck come from?


And then he’s just gone. Weird.

But hey, there’s still a sense of humor these books are great at:


Plus, more Listens-To-Wind is always good. Either here or the battle in Turn Coat Turn Coat feels out of place though… He’s seen Listens-To-Wind shift in both and is impressed in both.

It’s always interesting seeing the reactions of those uninformed about the supernatural world when Dresden drops in…


Heh. Handy.