Review: Ghoul Goblin (Graphic Novel)

Series: The Dresden Files Graphic Novels: #3

Welcome to the Jungle was new, but an introduction. Storm Front (Graphic Novel) and Fool Moon (Graphic Novel) are adaptations of previous works I’ve read a number of times. But Ghoul Goblin? NEW CONTENT!

It’s interesting seeing introductions over and over again. I know the books do the same, but for some reason it feels different in a comic. Perhaps because I’m reading them relatively quickly?



Well, nothing’s on fire?



I enjoy Bob.


There’s something of an irony here, especially since I’m right around Changes in the main series. Ghoul Goblin was published 3 years after Changes, but takes place several books before.


It’s a concept Dresden has made a number of times… but the wording just feels wrong. Too ‘fancy’ for Dresden. It stuck out.

It is interesting to see more about both ghouls and goblins. We have seen both in the mainline series (although goblins don’t really figure in much until some in Changes and more in Skin Game), but it was an interesting concept.

Overall, I think Dresden in the comic format Just Works(tm) and I’m glad to see it. It’s not quite as deep as a novel, but I’ll not say no to having both!