LD46: Tetris Life Scoring

And so it ends.


Category Place Score Ratings
Overal 282nd 3.688 26
Fun 408th 3.438 26
Innovation 17th 4.28 27
Theme 290th 3.917 26
Graphics 608th 3.313 26
Audio 436th 3.182 24
Humor 761st 2.205 24
Mood 529th 3.208 26

I am really really proud of this year, especially the 17th place finish in Innovation. I thought the idea was fairly unique, but I never considered it might be just that unique.

Overall, I had a lot of fun! I look forward to the next time around, although it falls Oct 2-5 which is the time of year where a whole pile of family birthdays fall. We’ll still try!