Review: Fool Moon (Graphic Novel)

Series: The Dresden Files Graphic Novels: #2

Fool Moon, but as a comic book/graphic novel!

It’s one of two novel adaptations (Storm Front being the other) and I think the weaker of the two. Still a lot of fun though.

A few random comments:


The agents just look weird. It’s comic book muscles/proportions compared to otherwise mostly normal looking people? This isn’t even the worst case.

Conversely, I love the look they gave Chauncy:


The glasses!

Also, did you know that Dresden is supposed to be around 6'9"? That’s insanely tall and probably way overdone. But they do occasionally emphasize it when you can actually see him standing with others.


Honestly, that’s probably not enough of a difference.

Oh, and remember the nudity with convenient smoke from Storm Front (Graphic Novel)? Yeah, Fool Moon has werewolves. There’s soooo much more. Mostly hidden by shadows or abstract lines. It’s to the point of amusing: