Review: Storm Front (Graphic Novel)

Series: The Dresden Files Graphic Novels: #1

It’s two parts but I think that’s totally just a binding/printing thing. The story isn’t really broken up any differently than the novel already was or than the individual issues that make it up have to be.

All together: it’s Storm Front as a comic book.


All of the big scenes are there, right from the very beginning.

On top of that, you get some graphical depictions of the characters which are … fascinating at times.

Toot toot!




I’m not one to picture characters as I’m reading, but if you are… this might cause a bit of dissonance.

One thing that is great about comics is just how crazy of scenes you can show… while having to censor out bits that novels can much more easily get away with:


Never ask that question… Also what’s with the eyes?


Naked magic circle!


Frog demons! Convenient smoke! RRROAAARRRAWK! (I do love comic book sound effects).

Two reasons to really like the comic version:


You can actually get snippets from other points of view. That’s not something we saw in the novels up until some of the very last ones (and a few shorts). It’s interesting.

Plus, representations of things like The Sight:


Pretty cool. Glad I read it.

Random note: It’s on Kindle Unlimited, but not Comixology Unlimited? Weird. Especially since Amazon owns both…