Review: Hellboy in Hell, Vol. 2: The Death Card

Series: Hellboy

Series: Hellboy in Hell: #2

Two in a day? Yes!

1: The Death Card


Bumping into a couple of souls trying to go on as they did in life and impose some sense of order onto Hell? That’s a fascinating idea. And helpful. And hey, the whole ‘see them as alive, turn around and they’re actually skeletons the whole time’ thing happens in Hell too. Who’da thunk.

2: The Trials of Doctor Hoffmann


That’s just not something you ever say. Particularly in a world where magic is very very real and quite often out to eat you.

Speaking of which… giant monsters are always fun. The sense of scale is great.

3: The Hounds of Pluto


Ah yup.

4: Spanish Bride

One of my favorite storylines from Hellboy’s life… when he got drunk in Mexico and ended up married to some nasty beasty.


5: For Whom the Bell Tolls


And so it ends.

Who knows what’s next for Hellboy, if anything. (I’m sure someone knows, I haven’t gone looking). That was quite a story and an excellent to comics in general and comixology unlimited in particular. That’s a wonderful art form and has a rather different feel than traditional novels and audiobooks, which I appreciate.

Well worth the read.