LD46: My favorites (so far)

As part of Ludum Dare, you’re supposed to review games. Here are some of my favorites (in the order I reveiwed them, so no particular order).

Rolly and the Flower

It’s an adorable little platformer where you’re a robot carrying a flower. You have to keep it alive. That’s about all there is to it, but it has nice music, fun sound effects, and it’s a lot of fun. Man the levels with guns are frustrating.


Top down tower defense with retro graphics and awesome music. It’s a bit slow, but you can really build up some nice defenses.

Vital signs

A multitasking rhythmesqe game. You start having to control the body temperature with E/R, then add a heartbeat with SPACE, and finally (as far as I got) breathing as well with UP/DOWN. Man it’s hard to do it all at once.

The graphics and audio are top notch.


Try to fling radioactive rocks into the sun to buy humanity enough time to escape. Neat concept and the music is wonderful. The controls are more than a tad sluggish and I wish you could have done something more with gavity/orbiting.

Reminds me of Osmos

That Time I Crossed A Barren Desert To Protect & Care The World From Terrible Code

Keep IT alive. Excellent.

Also, I love the tutorial style:

Needed the [That Time I Crossed A Barren Desert To Protect&Care The World From Terrible Code](VisualC++ runtime)

Keep the beat alive

A fun little rhythm/bullet hell game. I love the music. I should look more into Pico.

Batteries Included

I swear I’ve seen this game before. It’s a platformerer where you’re a battery. If you touch various objects, you power them up. Some move, some kill you. It’s a lot of fun. Great music too.

A fun little rhythm/bullet hell game. I love the music. I should look more into Pico.

Haiku, and the Mother Virus

It’s basically a more polished Super Crate Box, which is impressive for 48 hours… Platform around on a small level with ever spawning guns and baddies. The music is intense and I think it’s responding to which gun I have? That’s cool.



Katamari Damacy as a platformer! Fun. The controls need some work, but I played it longer than most games I’ve been reviewing.

  1. Works in Wine2↩︎ ↩︎ ↩︎

  2. Originally an acronym for “Wine1 Is Not an Emulator” ↩︎