LD46: Tetris Life v1.0


  • Left and right to move the block and forth
  • Z and X to rotate it (or crash into things)
  • If a block gets stuck, you can hit ENTER to lock it in place
  • ESC to quit the current level


  • To win: Get the plants to the top of the level
  • To lose: Kill off all of the plants #keepitalive

EDIT: I have included a v1.1 update that fixes a few minor bugs. Feel free to play either the official v1.0 build or the slightly updated (~10 minutes) v1.1 build with:

  • Add a ceiling
  • Correctly scale target
  • Scale control speed by difficulty

And there you have it. This page will serve as the main entry for Ludum Dare. If you’d rather download an executable for Windows/OSX/Linux, you can do so on the GitHub release page:

Speaking of which, per the Ludum Dare rules (and because I would have anyways), the full source code:

MIT Licensed. I would appreciate a comment if you do anything cool with it.

Ludum Dare page, if you’d like to see my entry:

Some updates since last time:

  • Music!
  • More elements!
  • Polish!

They say a picture is a thousand words, so here’s about a million:


I made some music! I have and vaguely know how to use GarageBand, so I mostly threw something together:

Best song ever? Nah. But it’s kind of fun and not bad for less than half an hour. I want to play with GarageBand more now.