LD46: Tetris Life v1.0


  • Left and right to move the block and forth
  • Z and X to rotate it (or crash into things)
  • If a block gets stuck, you can hit ENTER to lock it in place
  • ESC to quit the current level


  • To win: Get the plants to the top of the level
  • To lose: Kill off all of the plants #keepitalive

EDIT: I have included a v1.1 update that fixes a few minor bugs. Feel free to play either the official v1.0 build or the slightly updated (~10 minutes) v1.1 build with:

  • Add a ceiling
  • Correctly scale target
  • Scale control speed by difficulty

And there you have it. This page will serve as the main entry for Ludum Dare. If you’d rather download an executable for Windows/OSX/Linux, you can do so on the GitHub release page:

Speaking of which, per the Ludum Dare rules (and because I would have anyways), the full source code:

MIT Licensed. I would appreciate a comment if you do anything cool with it.

Ludum Dare page, if you’d like to see my entry:

Some updates since last time:

  • Music!
  • More elements!
  • Polish!

They say a picture is a thousand words, so here’s about a million:


I made some music! I have and vaguely know how to use GarageBand, so I mostly threw something together:

Best song ever? Nah. But it’s kind of fun and not bad for less than half an hour. I want to play with GarageBand more now.

More elements

I threw in a few more Experimental elements: Acid, Wax, Ice, and Rainbow. I’m not going to go into much detail, but suffice it to say it only took about 10 minutes each to add them. The engine is pretty flexible like that. And no performance hits.


The last things to do were polish and publish. To polish, I implemented/cleaned up a help system and a few more options:


I’m still hosting the HTML5 version on this blog, but I didn’t want to commit all the binaries. But I can use GitHub releases for exactly that! Godot made this really easy.

I tested the HTML5, OSX, and Windows (via Wine) versions, but I have no doubt they all work. Pretty cool.

And… that’s it. I’ll probably write up a post mortem tomorrow along with reviewing a slew of games. This was pretty awesome. I want to write all the games now!

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