Review: Mike's Mystery

Series: The Boxcar Children: #5

So… the children own a town now? That’s cool. And Mike’s family (Surprise Island) lives there. Such mystery!

No, actually the mystery comes up when Mike’s house burns down. Which … actually ends up working out because instead of doing laundry (which she doesn’t care for) now Mike’s mother can make pies for a living. 60 pies a day! Sure.

It’s a cute enough book, but the way money is treated by the various characters is just bizarre. The children think nothing of buying all sorts of equipment to help get Mrs. Wood set up and basically give her a building. Nothing is said about paying it back or paying rent. They sell pies (we assume?) but is that sustainable? Who even knows! The kids don’t care, but I do!

It’s fine. Probably the weakest of the first five, but still worth reading.